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Our Story

A Miracle Publishing Co. originated in the early 1990s in a bedroom in Fullerton, CA. when Operation Desert Shield ultimately became Desert Storm. We wanted to encourage our U.S. military troops with creative greeting cards with scriptures and funny images.

All we had was a vision, a huge box computer with Windows DOS 3.1, the original Printmaster Plus desktop publishing software, an old printer, some construction paper, and a ton of time on our hands due to unemployment, no car, and no phone.  Under those circumstances, starting a publishing company would indeed be a miracle.

And here we are!

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About the Publisher

Jennipher J. Williams is the founder and owner of A Miracle Publishing Co. She is a woman of unusual faith for miracles, full of compassion, creativity and a heart to encourage others. 


She has developed downloadable eBooks, MP3 audio recordings, a greeting card line, and mini posters (signs) to inspire, edify, and exhort the body of Christ, and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Inspired by Matthew 4:19, Jen also created unique "fishing" tools to help "fishers of men" win souls.

She also likes to share "Good News!"

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